Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyer

At Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers, we understand the gravity of facing drug trafficking charges in Los Angeles. Our experienced legal team specializes in defending clients accused of these serious offenses. We're committed to providing aggressive and effective legal representation.

Drug crimes are a severe problem in the local area, and drug crimes are prosecuted vigorously. A drug crime conviction can change your life forever. Drug possession and drug paraphernalia are among the most common drug offenses; however, illegally possessing or distributing prescription drugs can lead to felony drug charges.

Learn more about drug possession charges and drug-related crimes below. Then, contact our criminal defense lawyer to schedule a free case consultation.

Aggressive Representation From a Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Aggresive representation from a Los Angeles drug trafficking lawyer

Our firm offers aggressive legal representation for those accused of drug trafficking. We understand the high stakes and bring our extensive knowledge and experience to your defense. At Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers, we fight tirelessly to protect your rights and freedoms. Our approach is thorough and proactive, ensuring the best possible defense for your case.

We believe in a personalized defense strategy for each client. Our team takes the time to understand the specifics of your case, including analyzing evidence, reviewing police procedures, and crafting a solid legal argument. We're committed to achieving the best possible outcome, whether a case dismissal, reduced charges, or acquittal.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, drug trafficking laws are strict and the penalties severe. Under California Health and Safety Code 11352, it's illegal to sell, transport, or import certain controlled substances into California. This includes the possession of drugs with intent to sell. The law covers a wide range of substances, from prescription medications to illegal narcotics.

It is also important to note that drug trafficking can be either a state or federal crime, depending on the circumstances. While HS 11352 covers California's laws concerns drug trafficking, 21 U.S.C. 841 makes drug trafficking illegal on a federal level. In general, if someone is accused of transporting an illegal drug within California and does not cross state lines, then state laws will apply. On the other hand, if someone moves drugs across state or federal borders, then federal law will apply.

Different Types of Controlled Substances and Their Classifications

Different types of controlled substances and their classifications

Schedule 1

Schedule 1 drugs are considered the most dangerous, with a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. Examples include heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. These substances often feature prominently in drug trafficking cases due to their high risk and severe legal penalties associated with them. Our defense strategies consider the specific challenges posed by cases involving Schedule 1 drugs.

Schedule 2

Schedule 2 drugs also have a high potential for abuse, but they may have some accepted medical uses. This category includes cocaine, methamphetamine, and certain prescription painkillers like oxycodone. Trafficking charges involving these substances can be particularly complex due to their potential medical use, requiring a nuanced legal approach.

Schedule 3

Schedule 3 substances have a lower potential for abuse than Schedule 1 and 2 drugs and have accepted medical uses. This category includes drugs like anabolic steroids, ketamine, and some barbiturates. Our defense in cases involving Schedule 3 substances often revolves around their medical usage and lower abuse potential.

Schedule 4

Schedule 4 drugs have a lower potential for abuse compared to Schedule 3 and are commonly used for medical purposes. These include prescription medications like Valium, Xanax, and Ambien. Despite their accepted medical use, trafficking in these substances can still result in serious legal consequences.

Schedule 5

Schedule 5 substances have the lowest potential for abuse and include drugs like cough preparations with less than 200 milligrams of codeine. While these are considered less dangerous, trafficking in any controlled substance can lead to significant legal repercussions. Our approach takes into account the lower abuse potential of Schedule 5 drugs in crafting a defense.

Legal Elements of Drug Trafficking

Possession With Intent to Distribute

Drug possession with intent to distribute is a critical element of drug trafficking cases. This involves not only having the drugs but also the intention to sell or distribute them. Proving intent is a complex process and often relies heavily on circumstantial evidence, such as the quantity of drugs or the presence of packaging materials.

Our defense strategy often focuses on challenging the intent aspect. We scrutinize the evidence to cast doubt on whether there was an actual intent to distribute. This can involve questioning the reliability of witness testimonies or the validity of law enforcement's interpretations of the evidence.

Transportation and Distribution

Transportation and distribution of controlled substances are critical components of drug trafficking charges. These actions involve moving drugs from one location to another with the intent to distribute them. The law takes a severe view of these activities, often leading to harsher penalties.

In defending against these charges, we examine the transportation and distribution circumstances. We look for any procedural mistakes or violations of your rights. We aim to undermine the prosecution's case by highlighting inconsistencies or lack of evidence.

Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy charges in drug trafficking involve an agreement between two or more people to commit the crime. These charges can be complex, as they don't require the actual commission of drug trafficking, only the agreement to do so. Conspiracy charges often rely on communication evidence, like texts or emails.

Our defense against conspiracy charges focuses on the lack of concrete evidence of an agreement. We challenge the interpretation of communications and highlight the absence of explicit agreements. Our objective is to disrupt the narrative of a conspiracy by showcasing the lack of direct proof.

Legal Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Los Angeles

Legal consequences of drug trafficking in Los Angeles

The legal consequences of a drug trafficking conviction are serious. The penalties can be different depending on whether the charges are at the state or federal level. Key points to note include:

California Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Selling or transporting drugs in California is considered a felony. Those convicted could face between 3 and 9 years in prison as well as a fine of up to $20,000. Aggravating factors can make these penalties even worse.

Key aggravating factors include:

  • Transporting a weight of drugs above a certain threshold, which varies depending on the drug involved
  • Selling drugs to someone under the age of 18
  • Selling drugs in the vicinity of drug abuse and addiction recovery centers
  • Selling drugs to convicted criminals or those with diagnosed mental health issues

If these aggravating factors are involved, additional fines and prison sentences can be imposed.

Federal Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Those convicted in a federal court could face sentences of up to life in prison and millions of dollars in fines, depending on the substance being trafficked, its schedule, the quantity of the drugs involved, whether someone died, and numerous other factors.

Because both state and federal charges can lead to serious penalties, you should reach out to an experienced drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Defenses Against Drug Trafficking Charges

Fourth Amendment Violations (Illegal Search and Seizure)

The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Violations can occur during drug trafficking investigations, and the evidence obtained may be inadmissible in court if law enforcement conducts an illegal search.

We meticulously review the details of the search and seizure in your case. Our goal is to identify any Fourth Amendment violations and argue for the exclusion of illegally obtained evidence. This can significantly weaken the prosecution's case against you.

Lack of Knowledge or Intent

A viable defense in drug trafficking cases is the lack of knowledge or intent. This means you did not know about the drugs or did not intend to participate in trafficking. We focus on undermining the prosecution's claims about your awareness or involvement.

Our strategy involves demonstrating the plausibility of your lack of knowledge or intent. We use evidence and testimony to challenge the prosecution's narrative, aiming to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

Chain of Custody Issues

The chain of custody covers the handling of evidence from collection to presentation in court. Issues in the chain of custody can compromise the integrity of the evidence. We scrutinize the chain of custody for any lapses or irregularities.

We aim to identify and expose any breaks or weaknesses in the chain of custody. This can create questions about the reliability of the evidence and potentially result in its exclusion from the case.

Challenging the Credibility of Witnesses

Witness credibility is crucial in drug trafficking cases. We challenge the credibility of witnesses who provide evidence against you. This includes examining their background, potential biases, or inconsistencies in their statements.

Our lawyers are skilled in cross-examination and use this to question the reliability of witness testimonies. We aim to create doubt about the prosecution's version of events, strengthening your defense.

Let Our Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyers Help You

A. Legal Expertise in Drug Laws

Our team has extensive knowledge of drug laws and how they apply in Los Angeles. We remain informed about the most recent legal developments and use this expertise to your advantage. Our lawyers understand the nuances of drug trafficking laws and how to navigate them effectively.

B. Investigation and Case Analysis

We conduct thorough investigations and in-depth case analyses. This includes reviewing all evidence, examining police procedures, and consulting with experts. Our comprehensive approach ensures we understand every aspect of your case and can build the most robust possible defense.

C. Negotiation With Prosecutors for Plea Deals

We have significant experience in negotiating with prosecutors. We aim to secure plea deals that reduce charges or penalties. We assess the strength of the prosecution's case and use this insight to negotiate favorable terms for you.

D. Court Representation and Trial Defense

In court, we provide robust representation and a strong defense. Our lawyers are skilled in trial advocacy and present compelling arguments on your behalf. We focus on protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome in court.

E. Handling Appeals if Necessary

If necessary, we handle appeals to challenge convictions or unfair sentencing. Our team is experienced in appellate law and understands the nuances of appealing drug trafficking cases. We meticulously review trial records, identify grounds for appeal, and argue persuasively for your case in higher courts.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyer at Perlman & Cohen Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Schedule a free consultation with our Los Angeles drug trafficking lawyer

If you or someone you know is facing drug trafficking charges in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to reach out to Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers. Our skilled team is prepared to defend your rights and fight for your freedom. We know the complexities of drug trafficking cases and have the expertise to navigate them effectively.

Contact us today for a free consultation. During this initial meeting, we'll discuss your case, review your legal options, and tailor a strategy for moving forward. Let Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers be your advocate in this challenging time.

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