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Consequences of a Criminal Record

What are the Consequences Of A Criminal Record? You’re generally a law-abiding citizen. You pay your income taxes in a timely manner and recently engaged in some behavior that may result in a criminal record.

Defending a Guilty Person in 2022

Can a Lawyer Defend Someone They Know is Guilty? Probably every defense lawyer has been asked at least once, “Can a lawyer defend someone they know is guilty?

Differences Between Homicide Murder & Manslaughter

The Differences Between Homicide, Murder and Manslaughter in California Homicides, murders and manslaughters frequently occur in California. The media sometimes treats them as interchangeable terms (especially homicide and murder).

Dismissing Criminal Charges?

Can a Criminal Case be Dismissed? There is a common misconception that it is egregiously difficult or even impossible to get a criminal case dismissed.

DUI with a Minor Laws & Penalties

DUI with a Minor Laws and Penalties Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child in the car is always a danger to the child, and the State of California recognizes a DUI with a minor as a violation of Vehicle Code 23572.

Guide for Expunging Your Criminal Record

Los Angeles Expungement Attorneys Have you been convicted of a crime? Have you ever been denied a job because you have a criminal record?

Guide for Navigating Indecent Exposure Charges

Los Angeles Indecent Exposure Attorneys Indecent exposure, at first glance, does not sound like a terribly serious crime. However, in California, conviction on misdemeanor indecent exposure charges can mean up to one year in jail.

Guide for Navigating Marijuana DUI Charges

What is Marijuana DUI California? A marijuana DUI occurs when someone is driving under the influence of marijuana to a degree that it impacts their ability to properly operate the vehicle.

Guide for Navigating Pimping & Pandering Charges

Los Angeles Pimping and Pandering Attorneys Persons arrested for pimping in Los Angeles are charged with violating California Penal Code 266(h) PC.

Guide for Navigating Prositution Charges

Los Angeles Prostitution Attorney California Penal Code §647(b) covers the crime of prostitution. Most people would think of prostitution as the act of the defendant paying someone to have sex with them.

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