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How a DUI Can Affect Your Professional License?

How Can a DUI Affect Your Professional License in California? If you have a professional license in California, you can lose it with a DUI.

How Much Does a Domestic Violence Attorney Cost?

How Much Does a Domestic Violence Charge Cost Domestic violence is a serious criminal charge, and the consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be significant and long-lasting.

How to Beat A DUI Charge?

How to Beat a DUI Charge California laws are strict when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI), and if you have been charged or arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, you are probably wondering how you can get out of it.

How to Beat Criminal Charges?

How to Beat a Criminal Charge If you have been arrested or charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Los Angeles, it is imperative that you enlist the help of an attorney with extensive experience defending criminal cases like yours.

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney right away after being arrested or charged with a crime in Los Angeles can help you stay out of court and out of jail.

How to Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

A Guide to Hiring a Domestic Violence Lawyer Many clients are unsure how to go about hiring a lawyer when facing charges of domestic violence, especially first-time offenders.

How to Hire a DUI Attorney

Clients facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI) are often unsure how to go about hiring an attorney to represent them in court and in their DMV hearing, especially if the DUI arrest is their first encounter with the legal system.

What are Criminal Threats?

Los Angeles Criminal Threat Attorneys Making a criminal threat in Los Angeles can get a person in serious trouble with law enforcement.

What Happens if you Lose a DUI Trial?

A Guide to What Happens if You Lose a DUI Trial in California While many DUI cases end with a plea deal, there are some that will go all the way to trial.

What Happens in a Criminal Trial?

What Happens in a Criminal Case in California? For those unfamiliar with how the court system in California works, the entire process can be overwhelming.

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