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Last Modified: March 28, 2024
Los Angeles domestic battery lawyer

Facing domestic battery charges in Los Angeles can be one of the most challenging periods of your life. These accusations can turn your world upside down, affecting everything from family relationships to careers. Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers is here to stand by your side. Our team specializes in defending clients against domestic battery charges, providing expert legal support and guidance.

Domestic violence charges are serious. Rely on an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can represent you. Our domestic violence attorneys have experience defending clients against a variety of battery allegations.

Learn more about domestic battery and domestic violence cases below. Then, contact our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney to schedule a case consultation.

Fighting Domestic Battery Charges With Our Los Angeles Domestic Battery Lawyer

Fighting domestic battery charges with our Los Angeles domestic battery lawyer

When you're accused of domestic abuse, the first thing to know is that you're not alone. Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers has a proven track record of defending against such charges. We know that every case is unique, with its own circumstances and challenges. Our approach is personalized, focusing on your specific situation and needs.

Our defense strategy includes:

  • a thorough review of the evidence
  • identifying weaknesses in the prosecution's case
  • building a strong counter-argument

We also explore mitigating circumstances that could lead to a dismissal or charge reduction. Our goal is to protect your future and minimize the impact of these charges on your life. A domestic violence conviction could alter your life forever. Trust in our experience and dedication to fight for you in your domestic violence case.

Domestic Battery and California Domestic Violence Laws: Overview

In California, domestic battery refers to the unlawful use of force or violence against a spouse, cohabitant, or a person with whom the accused has a close relationship. The law takes these offenses seriously, with specific statutes outlining the consequences of such actions.

Unlike other forms of domestic violence, domestic battery specifically involves physical contact, though it doesn't require visible injury.

California Penal Code Section 243(e)(1) defines domestic battery as any willful and unlawful touching that is harmful or offensive. This law makes it clear that even minor physical contact can lead to charges if it's done in a harmful or offensive manner.

Understanding the nuances of this statute is crucial for anyone facing domestic battery charges, as it directly influences defense strategies and potential outcomes. Domestic violence offenses are prosecuted vigorously under California law. Contact our domestic abuse lawyer to schedule a case consultation.

Consequences of a Domestic Battery Conviction

Consequences of a domestic battery conviction

A conviction for domestic battery in California can lead to severe consequences. These include jail time, mandatory participation in a domestic violence counseling program, community service, fines, and a restraining order. Specifically, under California Penal Code Section 243(e)(1), those convicted could face up to six months in county jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

A domestic violence crime conviction can have long-lasting effects on your personal and professional life. It can impact child custody arrangements, employment opportunities, and your overall reputation in the community. The stakes are high, so having an experienced domestic battery lawyer by your side is essential.

Your Rights and Immediate Actions Post-Arrest

If you're arrested for domestic battery, remember that you have rights. The most important are the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. It's crucial not to discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer. These early conversations can significantly influence the outcome of your case.

Immediately after your arrest, focus on securing legal representation. A knowledgeable domestic battery lawyer can advise you on the steps to take and how to communicate with law enforcement and prosecutors. They will also begin crafting a defense strategy tailored to your case, aiming to protect your freedom and minimize the consequences of the charges.

Examples of Domestic Battery

Examples of domestic battery
  • Pushing during an argument. Even a light push or shove can be considered a domestic battery if it's done in a harmful or offensive way.
  • Slapping. A slap, regardless of whether it leaves a visible injury, falls under domestic battery if it's against a spouse or intimate partner.
  • Throwing an object that hits the partner. If you throw something during an argument and it hits your partner, this could be charged as domestic battery.
  • Restraining a partner forcefully. Physically restraining your partner against their will can lead to charges, even if you believe it was for their good.
  • A forceful grab. Grabbing your partner forcefully, even without causing injury, can be considered domestic battery.

How We Defend You Against Allegations of Domestic Battery

Our defense starts with a comprehensive review of the circumstances surrounding the charges. We look at every detail, from the events leading up to the incident to the evidence collected.

Understanding the full context allows us to identify inconsistencies or weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Common Defense Strategies in Domestic Battery Cases

  • Self-defense. If you were protecting yourself from immediate harm, this could be a powerful defense.
  • False accusations. Sadly, domestic battery charges can sometimes stem from false or exaggerated claims. Proving the accusations are false can lead to the dismissal of the charges.
  • Lack of intent. An effective defense is to demonstrate that any contact was accidental and not intended to harm.
  • Insufficient evidence. If the evidence doesn't support the prosecution's claims, we can push for a reduction or dismissal of the charges.
  • Consent. In rare cases, it can be proven that the alleged victim consented to the physical contact. This could negate the charges.

Legal Options and Defense Tactics

Legal options and defense tactics

The legal system requires a deep understanding of the law. Our team is skilled in defending against domestic battery charges, from pre-trial negotiations to courtroom representation.

Plea Bargains and Negotiations with Prosecutors

Negotiating with prosecutors is a critical part of many domestic battery cases. Sometimes, reaching a plea bargain can result in reduced charges or penalties. Our first step is always to aim for the complete dismissal of charges, but when that's impossible, we negotiate vigorously to protect your interests.

Negotiations require a careful balance, weighing the strength of the prosecution's case against the potential risks and benefits of going to trial. Our experienced domestic violence lawyers are adept at navigating these discussions, always with your best outcome in mind.

Trial Preparation and Defense Presentation

We will provide the strongest possible defense if your case goes to trial. We prepare by gathering evidence, securing expert witnesses, and crafting a compelling narrative for your defense. We aim to highlight the prosecution's case's weaknesses and present you in the best possible light.

Trial preparation also involves preparing you for what to expect, from how to dress to how to address the court. Every detail matters in a trial, and we leave nothing to chance. Our extensive experience in the courtroom positions us to defend you effectively and confidently.

The Advantage of Partnering With Our Domestic Battery Lawyer

  • Our team is your team. When you partner with Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers, you join forces with a dedicated team committed to your defense. We possess a profound understanding of the law and a relentless drive to advocate for our clients. Together, we strive to safeguard your rights and ensure a favorable future.
  • Masters of our craft. We specialize in domestic battery cases, giving us an edge in navigating the complexities of your situation. Our deep dive into the nuances of domestic violence law enables us to craft strategic defenses tailored to your case. Our expertise is your advantage, guiding you toward the best legal outcome.
  • You're at the center. With us, your voice matters. We prioritize your needs, keeping you informed and involved at every turn. It's crucial to us that you feel supported and confident in the strategy we pursue together. We ensure your perspective is heard and respected throughout the legal process.
  • Dedication goes beyond measure. Our commitment to your case is unwavering. From exhaustive investigations to strategic negotiations or courtroom advocacy, we're prepared to go the distance for you. We aim to minimize the charges' impact on your life, fighting tirelessly for justice and a lighter sentence.
  • Focusing on Your Future. Our work doesn't stop at addressing the immediate charges; we're also focused on your long-term well-being. We seek outcomes that resolve your legal challenges and position you for success. We aim to secure a resolution that allows you to move forward with your life positively.


Domestic battery specifically involves the use of force or violence against a spouse, cohabitant, or other intimate partner without causing visible injury. It's one type of domestic violence offense. It is different from others, like corporal injury, which requires physical injuries.

The recantation of a statement by the alleged victim can impact the case. However, it does not guarantee that charges will be dropped automatically. The prosecution can proceed based on other evidence. However, a skilled lawyer can use changes in the victim's statements as part of the defense strategy.

A lawyer can provide crucial assistance by evaluating the evidence. We can also help you craft a strong defense strategy and negotiate with prosecutors. Defense strategies may include proving false accusations or establishing self-defense. Depending on the specifics of the case, we can also show a lack of intent to harm.

Partner With Our Dedicated Los Angeles Domestic Battery Lawyer at Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers

Partner with our dedicated Los Angeles domestic batter lawyer at Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers

If you face domestic battery charges, now is the time to act. Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers are ready to stand with you and fight for your rights. Our dedicated team offers the expert legal representation you need during this challenging time.

Don't let domestic battery charges define your future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your case, your options, and how we can help. With Perlman & Cohen Criminal Lawyers by your side, you can face these charges confidently, knowing you have a team committed to achieving the best possible outcome.

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