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Last Modified: February 26, 2024

We Only Handle Serious Traffic Tickets in Southern California

  • Did you get a serious traffic ticket you want to fight?
  • Did you miss a deadline, or are about to but cannot get out of work?
  • Are you facing driver’s license suspension because you failed to appear at a court date?
  • Did GC Services send you a huge bill and tell you that nothing will happen until you pay them in full?
  • Are you trying to prevent a point on your DMV record and an increase in your insurance premium?
  • Are you trying to prevent a negligent operator hearing suspension from the DMV?

Save as much as 90 percent on your fines! Please only contact us if your Traffic Ticket is a Serious Offense. We do not handle minor traffic violations.

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman is waiting to help you with any of these serious issues and more, including:

  1. Quick reinstatement of your driving privileges
  2. Huge reduction in fines, fees and late charges
  3. Removal or reduction of DMV points
  4. Reinstatement of your previously suspended license
  5. Getting the court to dismiss your FTA (Failure to Appear)
  6. Having your violation set aside or dismissed
  7. Negotiating an alternative charge without DMV points and no driving school

Get your driving privilege reinstated fast!

Fighting Your Serious Traffic Ticket

Fighting your own serious traffic ticket is difficult, intimidating and time-consuming.

On the first day, you will spend hours waiting in lines to just get into the courthouse and speak to a clerk. The clerk will not schedule a court date for your case unless you pay the fine in full in advance.

Then, you will be sent to a courtroom on another day in the future where you will wait again for hours until your case is called.

It is not uncommon for each of these days at the courthouse to last most of an entire day. So now, you have missed two days of work plus you’ve already paid the fine, just for the privilege of trying to explain that the police officer who cited you was wrong.

A typical traffic matter requires two to three court appearances to reach a resolution. Again, with our assistance this frequently includes:

  1. Dismissal of charges
  2. Alternative charges
  3. No traffic school
  4. Significantly reduced fines
  5. No points or reduced points with the DMV

We can keep you out of court!

If you would like to not spend one single minute in court, then you can hire the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman to handle your traffic case!

Explaining to your friends, family or co-workers how you are going to prove your case is very different from standing in front of a judge and courtroom full of police officers and making the same argument sound convincing. The map you printed out from Google isn’t going to be admitted, and the photos you took of the intersection or missing road signs will not be authenticated. It can be scary, embarrassing and even humiliating. Leave this to the lawyers who are comfortable under this sort of pressure and practiced in how to use the evidence necessary to argue your case effectively.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman have the experience necessary to fight your ticket and win. Please contact us immediately at (310) 557-1700, at (310) 557-1700 or by e-mail for your free consultation.

Suspended Licenses

Suspended license due to unpaid fees, fines, missed court appearances or unpaid parental support

Many issues may arise that result in a suspended license or threat of a suspended license other than being pulled over and cited for a traffic infraction. If you have received such a notice or are concerned that you may be driving on a suspended license, please contact us to discuss how to avoid further legal trouble.

Some of the various charges or code violations that you may need assistance with are as follows:

14601 VCDriving on a Suspended License
12500 VCDriving Without a License
22348b VCSpeeding Over 100 mph
22349 VCSpeeding (exceeding max)
22350 VCSpeeding (unsafe)
21454 VCFailure to Obey Traffic Signal
21750 VCIllegal Passing
40508 VCFailure to Appear*

* We can generally have FTA (Failure to Appear) charges dismissed or dropped when we appear in court.

Multiple Convictions

Negligent Operator Hearings: DMV Suspension Notices

Many drivers in Los Angeles find themselves facing a driver’s license suspension due to the accumulation of too many points in a short period of time. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) often takes this action under the following circumstances:

Points AccumulatedTime Period
412 months
624 months
836 months

We are 100 percent successful in getting probation granted and keeping you behind the wheel!

To be sure, there are other circumstances that can result in such action by the DMV, but this is the most common reason. If you should receive notice of such an action, there is still hope. While it is possible to avoid suspension entirely, our track record is exceptional in at least obtaining a probationary term, which allows our clients to continue driving without interruption after a hearing with a DMV hearing officer.

If you are the recipient of one of these notices, please contact us before the deadline in the notice so that we may help keep you on the road. In Los Angeles and Southern California, we realize how important your driving privilege is. Don’t wait until the deadline has passed, as this will significantly impact our chance of success. However, if your deadline has passed, we may still be able to successfully put your matter “back on calendar.” Do not delay.

There are several strategies for reducing total DMV points that we are proficient at.

Elderly Driving Issues

Elderly / Infirm Suspensions / Medical / Revocations/Reexaminations

In recent years, the DMV has, on advice from law enforcement and medical personnel, moved to challenge the driving privilege of elderly members of our community. This begins with a “casual” meeting with a hearing officer. The officer will insist that you answer their questions, which are pointedly aimed at justifying relieving you of your right to drive. This can be a traumatic and devastating loss of a long enjoyed liberty and may make independent living a serious challenge.

Our office has repeatedly assisted elderly members of our community in preparing for and guided them through such meetings where lawyers are not permitted. If the meeting should proceed to a full-blown hearing, where attorneys are welcome, we are ready and able to prepare for and represent you before the hearing officer who sees your right to drive as a privilege. These hearing officers are not lawyers or judges, and yet they hold your ability to drive for the remainder of your life in their hands.

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman Is Here to Help

If you or a loved one is facing such an inquiry or charges or has received a notice of impending suspension, or if you’re just fearful that there’s a mess out there waiting to drop on you, please contact us at (310) 557-1700, at (310) 557-1700 or by e-mail for a free consultation today! We can look up all of your outstanding issues, summarize them and tell you what can be done to help, all before you spend a dime. We are available to meet in person or over the phone and are ready to take your traffic issues off your back and resolve them for you right now!

Our consultations and assessments are 100 percent free of charge!

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