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Last Modified: February 26, 2024

Online credit card fraud has gotten increasing attention in recent years. News sources regularly post notices of fraud alerts involving credit cards, and major, distinguished credit card issuing banks have admitted breaches in data security that have put thousands or millions of credit card holders at risk. In the wake of all this, many prosecutors have taken steps to crack down on any type of alleged credit card fraud taking place online, even relatively minor instances.

If you have been accused of committing online credit card fraud, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. At Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman, our Los Angeles online credit card fraud lawyers defend clients who have been accused of participating in these frauds.

California Penal Code Section 484 details criminal charges stemming from online credit card fraud, including the following:

From Section 484e: (a) Every person who, with intent to defraud, sells, transfers, or conveys, an access card, without the cardholder’s or issuer’s consent, is guilty of grand theft.

From Section 484f: (a) Every person who, with the intent to defraud, designs, makes, alters, or embosses a counterfeit access card or utters or otherwise attempts to use a counterfeit access card is guilty of forgery.

From Section 484g: Every person who, with the intent to defraud, (a) uses, for the purpose of obtaining money, goods, services, or anything else of value, an access card or access card account information that has been altered, obtained, or retained in violation of Section 484e or 484f, or an access card which he or she knows is forged, expired, or revoked, or (b) obtains money, goods, services, or anything else of value by representing without the consent of the cardholder that he or she is the holder of an access card and the card has not in fact been issued, is guilty of theft.

Online Credit Card Fraud Attorneys in Los Angeles

In quite a few cases, the alleged online credit card fraud was part of a larger scheme pointing to some other crime. Some of our clients have been accused of activities such as:

  • Using credit card information collected for legitimate financial transactions and subsequently using that data to make fraudulent transactions
  • Using stolen credit card information — collected through the Internet — in connection with smuggling cases at ports of entry
  • Unauthorized use of credit card information for the purpose of online trade in child pornography

Have you been charged with online credit card fraud? Have you received a letter from a law enforcement agency informing you that you are under investigation? At the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys work hard to protect the constitutional rights of each one of our valued clients. We are prepared to help you avoid the risk of punishment and negative consequences after you have been charged with online credit card fraud in California.

Consult With an Aggressive Defender of Your Rights

Criminal defense attorney Daniel Perlman is a former prosecutor who works directly with clients at every stage of credit card fraud cases. He combines trial skills, negotiation skills and a detailed familiarity with the criminal justice system to develop an effective defense strategy.

Contact us online or call our Los Angeles law firm today at (310) 557-1700 or (310) 557-1700 to discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We offer free initial consultations, and we will usually quote a flat fee that will cover all the services necessary for your case, including trial.

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