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Last Modified: February 26, 2024

Events can spin out of control when citizens and the police interact. In some cases, what might have been a ticket — for public intoxication, disorderly conduct or another such charge — becomes a major offense because the officer decides you are interfering with performance of his or her duty. It is important to recognize that this charge can be filed and successfully prosecuted even if there was no physical assault or contact.

Assault on a Police Officer in Los Angeles

It is critical to take charges such as resisting arrest or assault on a police officer in the Los Angeles area seriously. Not only is jail time a clear possibility if you are convicted of such charges, having either offense on your record could subject you to much greater scrutiny in any future traffic stop or encounter with the law.

A Skilled Approach to Preventing Conviction or Reducing the Charge

At the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman in Los Angeles, you can work closely with a skilled defense lawyer who will hear you out, investigate what happened and pursue every viable angle in pursuit of:

  • Reduction of the charge against you to a less serious infraction such as disturbing the peace
  • Dismissal of the charge against you or acquittal at trial
  • Negotiation of manageable consequences such as public service and anger management counseling

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Assault on a Police Officer Los Angeles
Resisting Arrest Los Angeles
Los Angeles Police Batter

There are hundreds of possible police errors, and they can add up to reduce your charges. Depending on the facts of your misdemeanor or felony DUI case, our DUI attorneys can concentrate on seeking a dismissal based on any violation of your constitutional rights or a reduction based on other errors or mistakes by law enforcement. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers are also fully prepared to secure a victory by casting doubt on the evidence obtained against you. – California laws covering resisting arrest are very broad and subject to interpretation. We know that you may face this charge even if you did not actually run from police or touch an officer. A charge of battery on a police officer can be far more crippling for your future, and protection of your rights demands an attorney prepared to establish, for example, that the police acted improperly or illegally in the course of your arrest.

Contact a Police Battery Attorney or a Resisting Arrest Attorney

Facing Police Battery or Resisting Arrest Charges in Los Angeles?

We go the distance for each client we serve, striving to find the absolute best approach to preventing a conviction, jail time or other life-changing consequences. For a free consultation to discuss your case and legal options, contact us now.

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