Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer

Los Angeles white collar crime lawyer

If you're facing white-collar crime charges in Los Angeles, the situation is critical and requires a knowledgeable legal response. White-collar crimes are not just financially damaging, but they can also ruin reputations and careers.

At Perlman & Cohen Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers, our Los Angeles white-collar crime lawyer provides experienced and focused defense for clients accused of these complex crimes. We know the intricacies of both the law and the financial transactions involved.

Our approach to defending clients accused of white-collar crimes is comprehensive and proactive. We dig deep into the evidence, often involving complex financial data, to build a strong defense. Our team protects your rights, assets, and reputation from the moment you entrust us with your case. 

With a track record of success in such cases, Perlman & Cohen is the firm you need when facing grave allegations. These include allegations of a false financial statement.

Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer Understands the Severity of Such Charges

Our Los Angeles white collar crime lawyer understands the severity of such charges

Facing white-collar crime charges can be daunting. The accusations alone can impact your professional life and personal freedom. Our Los Angeles white-collar crime lawyer is well-versed in the laws that govern these offenses and offers a vigorous defense to our clients. We tailor our strategies to the specifics of your case, ensuring the best possible defense.

We are aware that these cases require discretion and a focused legal approach. Our attorney works tirelessly to mitigate the potential damages and deal with the complexities of the criminal justice system.

We provide legal representation and guidance through the stressful process of dealing with white-collar crime allegations. We strive for a resolution that minimizes the impact on your life and preserves your professional reputation.

Definition and Common Types of White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes generally involve deceit, concealment, or violation of trust. They do not require the application or threat of physical force or violence. These offenses typically revolve around financial transactions. 

Crimes are committed by deceit to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Our Los Angeles white-collar crime attorney is skilled in handling various sophisticated crimes. These often involve intricate legal and financial issues.

The stakes in white-collar crime cases are incredibly high. This includes the potential penalties and the personal and professional repercussions. The legal strategies required are as complex as the crimes themselves. They often involve a deep awareness of both state and federal government laws.

Our firm is equipped to handle such complexities with precision and professionalism. We provide strong defense strategies tailored to each unique case.

Examples of White Collar Crime

  • Embezzlement. Embezzlement involves unlawfully taking money from someone you owe some type of duty. The accused often have legal access to the money but use it for unauthorized purposes.
  • Money laundering. This covers making money through criminal activity. Examples include drug trafficking or terrorist funding. The funds are concealed or "laundered" to appear legitimate.
  • Bribery. This is offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting something of value to influence the actions of an official.
  • Fraud. Fraud involves deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Common types include tax evasion, insurance fraud, and credit card fraud.
  • Identity theft. Identity theft is stealing someone else's personal information to commit fraud. Examples include opening credit accounts or filing false medical claims in their name.
  • Securities fraud. Securities fraud includes deceptive practices in the stock or commodities markets, including insider trading.
  • Tax evasion. This is the illegal nonpayment or underpayment of tax by individuals, corporations, or trusts. This is done by making false declarations or not making declarations.

Complexity of Evidence and Financial Transactions

Complexity of evidence and financial transactions

White-collar crime cases often involve a labyrinth of financial transactions and complex evidence that can be difficult to untangle.

Our Los Angeles white-collar crime lawyer is experienced in dissecting intricate financial records and transactions to build a strong defense. We partner with forensic accountants and other financial experts to ensure that every piece of evidence is thoroughly analyzed.

Knowing the financial mechanisms at play is indispensable in these cases. Our attorney ensures that your defense is built on a solid awareness of the financial details involved in the allegations. This thorough approach allows us to challenge the prosecution's assertions precisely and to argue effectively for your innocence or reduced liability.

The Role of Digital Forensics in Building a Case

Digital forensics plays a pivotal role in white-collar crime cases. Our team utilizes the latest technology to uncover evidence supporting your defense. We analyze data from computers, smartphones, and other digital devices to find inconsistencies in the prosecution's case or evidence of your innocence.

The Investigation Process

Investigations into white-collar crimes are typically thorough and can last months or years. During this time, investigators may scrutinize every financial transaction and communication. Our defense team works proactively from the start of the investigation to protect your interests.

How White Collar Crime Investigations are Conducted

Federal agencies such as the FBI or the SEC often conduct investigations. They can involve extensive surveillance, wiretapping, and gathering vast amounts of financial data.

Our lawyer ensures that your rights are protected throughout this process. We also negotiate with investigators to potentially reduce the charges or penalties.

Investigators use a myriad of tools to collect evidence, including subpoenas for financial records and interviews with potential witnesses. Our team prepares you for these interactions, providing guidance on responding without compromising your legal position. We aim to manage the investigation process strategically to benefit your case.

Defense Strategies for White Collar Crimes

Defenese strategies for white collar crimes
  • Challenging the evidence. We scrutinize the prosecution's evidence for any weaknesses or procedural errors. This can include challenging the authenticity of documents or the legality of how evidence was collected.
  • Negotiating plea deals. When appropriate, we negotiate plea deals that can reduce your charges or penalties. This strategy can be especially useful in complex cases where the outcomes are uncertain.
  • Proving lack of intent. Many white-collar crimes require proof of intent. We focus on disproving intent, which can lead to acquittal or lesser charges.
  • Using expert witnesses. We employ financial experts, forensic accountants, and other specialists to provide testimony that supports your defense.
  • Asset forfeiture defense. We fight against the seizure of your assets, arguing that they were not involved in or the result of criminal activity.

Consequences of White Collar Crimes

The consequences of a white-collar crime conviction can be severe. Besides facing hefty fines and imprisonment, you may also suffer from lasting reputational damage. Our Los Angeles white-collar crime attorney understands the gravity of these penalties. We work diligently to mitigate them.

Potential Penalties and Impact on Professional Life

Penalties for white-collar crimes can include long prison sentences, major fines, and asset loss. These penalties can also affect professional licenses and one's ability to work in certain fields. Our firm works to reduce these potential penalties by building a comprehensive and effective defense.

Long-Term Reputational Damage

The damage to your reputation following a white-collar crime charge can be devastating and long-lasting. It can affect your personal relationships, professional standing, and future career opportunities. Our defense strategies include managing the public and legal perceptions of your case. We protect your reputation.

Benefits of Hiring a Specialized White Collar Crime Lawyer

Benefits of hiring a specialized white collar crime lawyer
  • Expertise in complex cases. Our attorney deeply understands the laws and procedures governing white-collar crimes, which is essential for navigating these complex cases.
  • Strategic defense. We provide a strategic defense tailored to the specifics of your case, focusing on the best possible outcomes.
  • Protection of rights. We ensure that your rights are protected, not only during the investigation but also during any potential trial.
  • Mitigation of penalties. We work tirelessly to mitigate the penalties associated with white-collar crimes, aiming to reduce both financial and custodial sentences.
  • Confidentiality and discretion. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases. Our law firm handles your case with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer Excels in Client Defense

Our Los Angeles white-collar crime lawyer is dedicated to providing the highest level of defense. We approach each case with a commitment to integrity and excellence. We have a history of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients, and we bring this experience to bear in every case we handle. This includes our white-collar, fraud, and DUI lawyers. 

We tailor our defense strategies to meet the unique challenges of each case, ensuring that our clients receive personalized and effective representation. Our attorney is a formidable advocate in court and a diligent defender in negotiations. With Perlman & Cohen, you have a legal ally who is committed to your defense. Reach out to our white-collar crime defense lawyer today.


What qualifies as a white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes are non-violent offenses committed through deceit. They are typically aimed at obtaining money, property, or services. Common examples include fraud, bribery, insider trading, and embezzlement.

Why do I need a lawyer specialized in white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes involve complex legal and financial issues. They require specific proficiency in criminal defense and financial legislation. An experienced lawyer can effectively provide a strong defense. Even if you are convicted, we could appeal to the California Supreme Court.

How does Perlman & Cohen handle white-collar crime cases?

Perlman & Cohen combines thorough legal knowledge with strategic defense tactics. We focus on minimizing clients' exposure to penalties and safeguarding their professional reputations in the Los Angeles area.

Connect With Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Connect with our Los Angeles white collar crime lawyer for a free consultation

Do not wait to seek legal assistance if you are facing white-collar crime charges. At Perlman & Cohen, our criminal defense attorney will provide you with a strong defense. With a former prosecutor in your corner, you will have a defense customized to meet your needs.

If you have been accused of false or misleading billing, you need our help. Financial fraud is prosecuted vigorously, so you need a strong white-collar criminal defense. Contact our white-collar crime defense attorney today for a free consultation.

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